Savannah: A Southern Gem

When we were invited to our friends wedding in St. Augustine, FL, we knew it was the perfect excuse to take a slight detour and visit Savannah, GA. With only less than 24hrs to enjoy the city before we had to drive south the next morning,  I crammed in as much as I could. Soon as we drove in to the city the Spanish moss and cobblestone street drew me in and I knew I’d absolutely love it here.

We checked in to the Kimpton Brice hotel which was centrally located to many shops and restaurants, we were able to walk just about everywhere.

We made our way to River Street and I had to stop for an ice cream at one of the many confectionaries to cool off (so so hot and humid). We walked around for a few hours before heading back to the hotel to freshen up, as we were meeting friends for dinner at Huey’s.

Forest Gump and Jose

Next morning after breakfast at our hotel we visited Forysth park which was on my list of musts.


Between the lush greenery and vibrant energy I could’ve stayed here for hours. I only wished I had a picnic basket and blanket to lounge under the canopy of Spanish Moss. We had only a short while before we had to drive down to St. Augustine, but I was already enamored with the city. I recall telling my husband how much I would love to live here ( I say that about every beautiful city).



One last stop before leaving was to Chocolat by Adam Turoni that had rave reviews, and I surely don’t turn down sweets. The confectionary has two locations, we visited the one off of bull street. The whimsical decor in each locations follows a different theme.

These were by far the most decadent (expensive) and delicious chocolate’s I’ve ever had.  As we set off for St. Augustine and drove past rows and rows of beautiful homes, I knew our short lived adventure in Savannah was not over. I left with hopes and plans of a quick return.




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