Livin’ on Tulsa time

My favorite band is HANSON.

Yes,  THAT Hanson.

Yes, they have other songs besides MMMBop.

All joking aside, for the last couple of years I’ve taken the pilgrimage to the band’s hometown of Tulsa, OK to see good friends, listen to a little music and take in  the town.


Isaac Taylor and Zac Hanson


Hanson might be the reason I head westward  to Tulsa but there are so many others to make me stay.

One of those places is the Woody Guthrie Center  home to the archives of writing, art and musical memorabilia of the man who can be best described as the patron saint of Oklahoma.  Woody_Guthrie_Center

He is most well known for his song ” This Land Is Your Land” and Woody truly embodied the american spirit. The ideas and themes he expressed in his songs about society, politics and the economy are still relevant.

“If you want personal with a bit of social edge all roads lead to Woody Guthrie”

Paintingsmy pictures 351

Some of Woody’s instruments and watercolor art



t6.jpg my pictures 059

Can I have this light fixture?my pictures 347

Aside from all things WG, there is also what I like to call revolving exhibits dedicated to other musicians.  This particular time it was dedicated to Pete Seeger, in an exhibit called “How Can I Keep From Singing”


Much like Woody and his guitar with the message ” This machine kills fascists” Pete had his banjo with the phrase ” This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender”pete.jpg

Also like Guthrie, Pete was an activist and shared that through his music. He was part of the anti war movement during Vietnam and the civil rights movement before that.


I love my country very dearly and I greatly resent the implication that  some of the places that I have sung and some of the people I have known and some of my opinions whether they are religious or philosophical  make me less of an american. ~ Pete Seeger

I believe that Pete knew the power of music and what that could do for people. That we are all more alike than we are different.

Rhymes and Reasons: The Music of John Denver exhibit opens August 31, 2017

On to the next one! Vanessa

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