Canada Part II: Toronto/ Montreal

After an eventful day at Niagara Falls and wine tasting, we raced back to Toronto to get ready and make our dinner reservations at the CN Tower.

We had a short walk from our hotel (Le Germain Hotel Maple leaf) to the tower. However, why I decided to wear four inch heels was beyond me! After wobbling to the tower and entering the elevator which took us 1,150 feet up, enjoying the beautiful views of Toronto below. The restaurant which is aptly named 360, slowly rotates giving you an impressive view of the city.

The menu included local Canadian wines and dishes.  It was surely tasty, but to be frank I can’t remember what I ate. Ordering a prix fixe meal grants you access to the lookout levels and the glass floor. One pays more for the experience of being in the tower,  because while the meal was good you can find a better culinary experience at a much smaller restaurant.

Tip: Make reservations in advance as time slots book very quickly.
Glass floor, extra scary while wearing heels.


The following morning we had an early start to Montreal, we had about a five hour drive ahead of us. The very moment we crossed into Quebec it felt like I was back in Europe, everything was in French! I tried to tap into my middle school level French, but that failed miserably. We arrived a little later than we had anticipated due to unforeseen traffic, and made our way to finding our Airbnb. This was my first experience booking through the site and I was a little hesitant for safety reasons.  Luckily our host were very responsive and so nice!  We only had a couple days in Montreal and renting the condo ( old Montreal) enabled us to feel like we were locals.


One thing I was really eager to experience was Cité Mémoire.  Every evening from dusk to midnight the city comes alive with art projections on walls scattered all over the city. One can follow the maps posted or download the app which offers context on the artist and work. Jose (husband) and I had such a great time we knew we had to come back the next night to finish seeing them all.

One of the projections
Vieux-Montreal (Old Montreal)



In honor of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, the above picture goes through all the decades of change.

Following day we ventured out to Mount Royal parc. which had a lovely view of Montreal, once you make your way up the quick hike. We also spent the whole day walking and eating around the port and Old Montreal.  We left our cameras behind for a  few hours so we can enjoy and take in the city.



Mount Royal Parc



I fell in love with all of Montreal. The city has this romantic allure once night falls, where the dark alley ways lead to hidden food gems and buzzing crowds. We left with hopes of a return.





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