Music in Milan

Before the start of this trip I discovered that Dave Matthews was doing a special acoustic tour around Europe.  It just so happened that we would only be a short train ride away from each other while the tour made some stops in Italy. Any time that I can combine my love for music and seeing new places, I can’t pass that up.  It was a very memorable 24 hours!

Sooooo we had an 8am train ride to Milan and due to my lack of direction skills, we missed our train by 5 mins.(eye roll emoji)  I’m not even kidding.  Had to pay 100 euros for a last minute ticket on the next train and that hurt my budget traveler heart but upwards and on wards!!!!  Its off to Milan (Also, while on the train ride Harry Styles released his first solo single and I got to hear it for the first time. Heart eyes and ears ya’ll I love that guy)


We arrived in the city I had such a different vibe then Rome. I felt it was much more edgy but didn’t get time to really get the feel of the place.  There was only enough time to freshen up and hit a few spots before dinner and get to the venue for the show. Naturally our first stop was the Duomo di Milano.  Fun fact: Its the largest church in Italy and third largest in the world. Walking up towards it takes your breath away! 17861722_10154297424276965_4384309741009762586_nA well know tradition in Milan, although, I don’t know the origin is to find the ceramic bull in the middle of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and spin on his balls for good luck.

This is a story about a girl named Lucky….


Quick Tip : If possible when traveling try and get meals away from the tourist attractions. You'll get a more authentic and wallet friendly experience.  

A pre show prosecco before heading into the venue. milan Now, for the whole reason we came to Milan. The man, the myth, the legend

I have never seen The Dave Matthews Band live before or this variation of himself and Tim Reynolds playing acoustically. Music is magical and this was unforgettable.  Look how close to the stage we were! I met so many lovely fans. People who had been traveling all over Europe watching him play.  Most of them from America. We even met a couple on their honeymoon! I think that is a cool way to see one of your favorite bands.  Is there any band you would travel abroad for or plan a honeymoon around shows?


Sadly we could not follow Dave to the next city so I am still waiting for my chance to see him again.

We were back to Rome bright and early the next day.


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