Canada Part I: Toronto / Niagara Falls

Visiting Canada has been on my list of places to go for quite some time.  When my best friend approached me about a couples trip in June I immediately said yes! I was so excited to hang out with my friend since we live a few states apart.  However, once the travel planning hit, we had so many obstacles to overcome it seemed like this trip wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately, due to some unforseen circumstance my friend couldn’t attend, I surely thought this was a sign, we shouldn’t go. But, armed with non-refundable reservations we packed our bags and went!

We made the 10 hour drive from Maryland to Canada, upon our entry to Canada we discovered we were a couple minutes from Niagara Falls, so we decided to have a nighttime view of the falls.



Niagara was buzzing with tourist, and the humid mist from the falls was doing a number on my curls. I was impressed with the waterfalls and only imagined how grandiose they would appear in the sunlight. We made a short stop as we were tired from the long drive and knew we’d return in the morning.

We made the hour drive to Toronto and stayed the night at Le Germain Maple Leaf Square  It was across from the convention center and with-in walking distance to the CN Tower and lots of shops and restaurants.

The next morning we had an early start back to Niagara Falls. It was drizzling but that didn’t stop us from exploring, I was armed with my raincoat and boots. Early morning drew in the heavy crowds. We lingered for a couple hours taking it all in. We then made the thirty minute drive to a local winery (Trius). We had a tight schedule to follow as we tried to fit in as much as possible on our short trip.

QUICK TIP: We underestimated the amount of driving we would be doing.Map all locations prior to booking to maximize your time.



Prized Maple leaffullsizeoutput_20a

Soon after our waterfall escapades we mad-dashed to Trius Winery for our winery tour. Having spent a few years in California and minutes away from wine country, Temecula I was spoiled with California’s finest. My husband and I thought there would be no comparison, boy were we wrong. The staff at Trius was so welcoming and knowledgable and more importantly the wine was fantastic. We came with a tote full of wine. Our favorites were the local ice wines Cabernet Franc and Vidal.

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We raced back ( I mentioned we were on a tight schedule) to Toronto to make our dinner reservations at the CN tower.

I’ll cover more of that on the next post.




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