When In Rome

It was sad saying goodbye to London. I couldn’t be too sad though because it was off to Rome!   It had my attention from the first moment. Starting with this overhead view. air                                                                                                                     Another thing that had my attention was the anxiety inducing and chaotic experience of being in a vehicle in Rome! I cant speak for anyone else but for me it was an adventure for sure! There are no pictures. I was praying we didn’t get into an accident. mamma mia!

We stayed in the cutest boutique hotel in Trieste away from the city center. The neighborhood was great.  We were close to restaurants. shops and even a school.  It was nice to see the hustle and bustle of the school run on a weekday morning.  We felt really local!

Here is Peggy. The resident house cat of the Palm Gallery Hotel, which is a must stay if you are in Rome.  She was there to greet us along with Vincenzo who had snacks and wine in hand. Now, that is a nice welcome! The staff was amazing.  They were so helpful and friendly. Also, weren’t stingy with their maps and still smiled while giving me the same directions for the 20th time like it was the first. I’m working on getting better at that.


We  arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and kept it low key our first night there. We headed for the bus and promptly ended up at a random train station that was not our intended destination.  Plan B! Caught a cab to Piazza Navona for dinner and a look around.  I’m going to have to get better about the pictures..NAV

Our first full day  in town, we woke up pretty early and took the bus into the city  because we had tickets to the Vatican museum.  Pro Tip: The best thing I ever did was purchase admission tickets before the trip. We walked straight in and were in a security line for all of maybe 15 mins before walking in. When we walked  out  a few hours later that line was wrapped about the building. There were people who definitely weren’t going to get in that day and folks that probably did but have spent a whole day in line.  It was an incredible place to just walk around and see the artifacts and statues. Everything is gold, ornate, and ancient. It’s incredibly special. Sadly, no photos were taken of the Sistine Chapel. It wasn’t allowed and I took those guards seriously. It was beautiful and an experience I hope everyone has a chance to have. Here are some pictures I did get to take!

After this trip I am learning a lot about roman mythology. There are some pretty interesting stories.

After spending our morning there we walked around the city and even took a bus tour for a bit more sight seeing before we dragged ourselves back to the suburbs for amazing pizza and a night in. We frequented this place a 5 minute walk from the hotel called Bruto. If you find yourself in Trieste don’t miss a chance to stop there.

Check back for days 3 & 4.


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