London Calling

  • London is one of my favorite cities.  When I had the chance to spend some time there again earlier this year I wasn’t turning it down. Then with my passport and oyster card in hand, It was ready, set, go.

For the first time ever I drove the 3 hrs to Dallas, TX from where I live to fly out of DFW International instead of the smaller hub in my current city.  I will always suggest if you have a major airport within a few hours drive, to consider parking and gas cost into the equation it might be worth the trip to save some $$$. In my case this time around it was about $400! Everybody’s getting a souvenir!

It was a short flight to ATL where we then settled in for a red eye across the pond.

The Westbourne Hyde Park couldn’t have been a better  hotel choice. The staff was lovely and it was a great location near the tube and bus stops. A lot of restaurants and shops close by too.

Here are a few highlights from London!

Anywhere I go I try and situate myself close to public transport stops.  Its your friend!

London is know for its public transport. Take advantage while you are there.  tube

I had the best time exploring the Camden area. There are so many things to do, you wont be bored!  Camden is know for  its wonderful market. So many food stalls and funky shops. (although I don’t have many photos) This just means I have to go back and take some.

  • cam

Street Art #amyforever


I loved this little niche breakfast spot in the area. Who doesn’t love CEREAL and the 90’s??


You can’t go to England and not have fish and chips! Poppie’s is well know and loved. I could see why.


History is all around so we couldn’t pass up the chance to take the train (oyster card friendly) just outside central London to Hampton Court Palace. The home of Henry VIII. Let’s just say its bloody impressive. (Anyone watched The White Princess?! OMGEE)



Honestly, my photography is horrible but what I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm. I’m working on it. I’ll get a real camera too.  I could go on and on and show more unskilled photos  of London but why save it for just one post?! You’ll need a part two.

Next up, Italy


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