New Girl

It was the snowiest of days, and I was ready to wear my new coat and explore the surroundings. As the first batch of fresh snowflakes fell across my face and the crisp country air brushed across, ‘I thought this won’t be so bad after all.’ And then the frost really hit, and the fresh country air was diluted with chicken fertilizer and reality set in. Welcome to the Eastern Shore of Maryland! Just a few weeks before I was residing in sunny southern California, where tank tops and sandals were the uniforms of choice.

Circle back to 2013, and the first few weeks I lived in California were a blur, It felt like an extended vacation and not my semi-permanent home. I was a newlywed and had no idea what this new adventure would bring, but I was open for the challenge. I was excited, scared and homesick. Coupled with all the newness, I was also a military wife which can present its own set of adjustments. My husband checked-in to his unit and quickly began his new job and routine. Meanwhile, I was home alone mapping out my new life and hoping to get acclimated quickly. I realized I had two options: sulk or thrive. I chose both. I allowed myself to wallow in my homesickness but also put myself out there! And guess what? I abso-freaking-lutely loved California and my husband and I’s new lifestyle. However, as a military spouse comfort and routine only last so long before your spouse is hit with new orders and it all begins again.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
Embracing the Maryland winter and my new coat

It took about six months before I found a job and started a ‘normal’ routine in Maryland. I would roam the local Barnes and Noble (my fav) hoping to meet some college hipsters and make friends. However, that didn’t pan out well, turns out not a lot of people hangout at the bookstore smack in the middle of the day and I was starting to look suspicious. Once I started to work I did meet some great new friends, that made this small town feel big (ever so slightly).

Being the new girl is not always a scary thing. It presents the opportunity to start fresh and change the things your don’t like about yourself or your current circumstances. I don’t currently love where I’m living, I’ve never been a small town girl and I have felt hindered with the limited career opportunities available here. However, admist it all there is always a silver lining, I have met some great new friends. I love that there are sprinkles of happiness and friendship with each new place we move to. I surely hope that I can inspire the gypsy at heart or the military spouse to find some sense of home wherever your next move is too and form a global community.

Let me know how you adapt to a move or make new friends?

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